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Tudor Heritage Black Bay 79230N-0009 Rep

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replica Tudor Pelagos Watches

Tudor Pelagos History

Launched in 2012, the same year as the first Heritage Black Bay, the Tudor Pelagos was released at the same time, powered by the same movement but with completely different features. There's nothing wrong with the Black Bay Diver being designed for lovers of all things vintage. The Tudor Pelagos, on the other hand - with its name derived from ancient Greek meaning "open or deep sea" - is aimed at a younger, more dynamic audience and is a pure sports car with a dynamic design.

At 42mm in diameter and water-resistant to 500 meters, it was the only watch from Tudor or Rolex at the time to use metal throughout the case (although the caseback was still steel). Pelagos was a clear sign from the start that this forever-overshadowed sibling brand was determined to announce its presence with some authority.

So the Tudor Pelagos may have all the different elements that every dive best replica watches must have to live up to its name: unidirectional bezel, water-resistant case, high-contrast dial, etc., but it delivers them in a refreshingly stylish way, Make it stand out. In the most crowded segment of the watch industry. The first generation watch was powered by the ETA 2824, one of the most widely used third-party movements to date and a powerful engine. However, when the second generation of the Pelagos was released in 2015, it was equipped with the in-house caliber MT5612.

Tudor is a wholly owned subsidiary of Rolex and (more importantly) ultimately backed by Rolex's bank account. The considerable expense of designing, manufacturing, testing and mass-producing the mechanism was well within its capabilities, and the MT5612 movement was only the first of a small number of domestic movements that the manufacturer would thereafter produce.

Producing its own movements is considered an important badge of honor for any brand, greatly increasing its value proposition in the eyes of collectors, and Tudor's efforts bring them closer than ever to Rolex production. The fact that it does this while maintaining a realistic pricing structure is, if anything, even more impressive.

This re-release also features two additional versions of Pelagos. In addition to the watch with a black dial and bezel, we also saw another watch with a stunning matte blue dial and bezel. In 2016, they introduced a left-handed model with the crown on the other side, making it suitable for wearing on the right wrist. This is the last update for the Pelagos, and the series remains a well-regarded and welcome addition to the Tudor line-up, which seems to be growing by the day. Replica Porsche Design Watches

Tudor Pelagos case
The Pelagos emerged as largely an antidote to all the retro-inspired releases of the past decade. Its 42mm diameter – large, but not too big – is perfectly in line with the current oversize trend, which is starting to see sizes shrink again. However, it still maintains its sweet spot as an ideal modern tool watch. Large enough to be read and noticed, but not so large that it is difficult to maneuver.

But what makes this collection truly up-to-date is the materials. As we said, this is the first time either Tudor or Rolex has released an all-titanium watch, and it's hard to understand why it took so long. For a metal that offers so many advantages, especially for a dive watch, you'd think both manufacturers would have jumped on the bandwagon before now.

Starting at the top, it is a highly corrosion-resistant metal, which means it is virtually immune to pitting and rust from exposure to seawater. Second, titanium is about twice as hard and five times as strong as stainless steel (assuming it's Grade 5 stainless steel, which is the variety commonly used for watch cases), and it has the added benefit of being hypoallergenic. Steel alloys contain a certain percentage of nickel, which can irritate the skin (Rolex's 904L actually has a higher nickel content than the 316L used by most in the industry). luxury replica watches

Most notably, titanium is extremely light, weighing about 40% of steel. In fact, this last factor may explain why Rolex has so far largely shied away from the metal. Many of us equate a product's level of luxury with its weight (no matter how accurate that perception may be), and since the brand's signature 904L "oyster steel" is itself incredibly corrosion-resistant, So it might feel best to stick with something that focuses on practicality and never produce a watch whose weight might give some the wrong impression of poor quality.

In contrast, titanium is easily scratched. But that's not 100% accurate. Titanium forms an oxide layer on its surface, which is why it is so compatible with skin and why this coating absorbs wear and tear.

However, these scuffs usually eventually disappear once the oxide layer has had a chance to re-form. However, titanium does not perform as well as steel when it comes to polishing. It's a difficult metal to add shine to, but Tudor has gone another way to solve the problem, using the metal's natural gray matte finish, leaving a masculine yet subdued look, befitting a true tool watch.

Otherwise, the case overall has a rock-solid feel, with slim and beautifully chamfered lugs and a rounded crown guard. 500m of water resistance is impressive, and if you decide to live in an underwater habitat and breathe helium for a few weeks, the HEV is there. Overall, it's hard to see where Tudor could have improved upon Pelagos. Top-notch performance from head to toe, from typically no-nonsense aesthetics to state-of-the-art materials. high quality replica watches

Tudor Pelagos movement
Original 2012 to 2015 Tudor Pelagos models used Tudor's modified ETA 2824-2. It is a relatively simple three-hand and date display engine that has been used in almost countless watches since its introduction in 1982. When Tudor decided to start manufacturing its own movements, it marked a big step forward for Tudor watches. An added implication of the brand is that Tudor's reputation is closer to that of its famous parent company.

The MT5612 was the first movement to appear, and with its debut, it was a huge success. It is now found in all three Pelagos models (including the LHD), except that the mechanism in this version is rotated 180° to accommodate the left-hand crown configuration.

As a movement, the Cal. MT5612 will not win any Geneva Seal for its exquisite finishing, as is the story with any movement made by the Rolex Group. They tend to leave all the Parisian hobnailing and guilloche embellishments to the brand, showing them off with display case backs, and content themselves with building the type of powerhouse that keeps ticking forever without any fuss.

The balance has a frequency of 28,800vph, providing the seconds hand with a smooth glide of eight times per second, and other benefits include a silicon hairspring that escapes magnetism, and an ample power reserve of 70 hours. In terms of accuracy, the MT5612 movement has been certified by the COSC Observatory, ensuring a timing accuracy of -4/+6 seconds per day.Best Breitling Endurance Pro

One potentially noteworthy difference you may notice between the first and second generation Pelagos is that the later watch has a slightly thicker case to accommodate the new mechanism, with a depth of about 2mm deeper than the ETA, which is 6.5 mm and 4.6 mm. However, this means that the current watch is only around 14.3mm thick, compared to the 13.8mm thickness of the older model. Neither watch can be considered completely thin, but they are both high-performance dive watches and their cases are very wear-resistant due to the lightness of the titanium case.

Tudor Pelagos Bracelet
Arguably the most overlooked feature of any watch, the Tudor Pelagos' bracelet deserves special mention here, especially its clasp. The bracelet is available on a three-link Oyster steel bracelet, with an optional color-matched rubber strap, and features Tudor's own patented micro-adjustment fasteners and diver's extension.

The snap can be secured in one of three settings for a perfect fit, or in a self-adjusting position for underwater use. As the wearer's wetsuit compresses with increasing depth, a spring-loaded system automatically compensates and tightens the strap, ensuring it remains securely attached to the wrist.

This unique expansion system is actually a truly impressive addition to an already excellent professional dive replica watches online. Does it surpass Rolex's Glidelock? This is a matter of opinion, but there is no doubt that it is designed for real divers and is very cool and useful even on land.


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