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Japan to Build First Casinos T

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# 24.05.2023 - 05:00:00 Uhr

Japan to Build First Casinos The most exciting indication about the potential of online casinos in Japan is the passing of the Integrated Resorts Promotion Act (IRPA) in July 2018. This bill saw the Japanese government authorise the development of integrated resorts, featuring hotels, entertainment complexes, restaurants, bars, and, most importantly, pg casinos. At present, there are three major cities in the running to build casinos. Tokyo, Osaka, and Yokohama, as well as Nagasaki and Tomakomai (on Hokkaido island). Though slated for construction, they’re still some way off from them opening their doors, with them due to open in the mid-2020. In fact, some optimists are hoping it’ll be open in time for World Fair in Osaka in 2025, when Japan is expecting a huge influx of tourists from all over the world. Though many others think this is an unrealistic timescale. Regardless of whether the first integrated resorts open in time for 2025, the global gambling industry has their eyes on Japan, as it has so much untapped potential. In fact, it’s believed that Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, could also be third largest gambling market, after Macau and the USA and worth $15bn, with some experts predicting as much as $20bn. Many hope this legislation will just be the beginning and their success will cause the Japanese government to consider the status of other types of gambling, including the regulation of online casinos in Japan.

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