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Queen Elizabeth II leaves complex legacy

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# 23.09.2022 - 12:35:50 Uhr

Queen Elizabeth II leaves complex legacy

Proudly displayed in Narelda Jacobs' childhood home in Australia was a photo of her father, Cedric, meeting Queen Elizabeth II. The online slot games available on our SLOT website are available in more than 200 games, and every game is one with beautiful, colorful, eye-catching graphics.

"As a kid, I grew up looking at her in an aspirational way and thinking: 'Gosh, that's the Queen! And that's my dad receiving an [MBE] order from the Queen!'" the Aboriginal Australian television presenter says.

"She's someone that I always looked up to."

But as Ms Jacobs grew older, the meaning of the photo shifted.

When she looks at it now, she sees a sovereign standing in front of a man who dedicated his life to having the sovereignty of his own people recognised.

"And he died waiting for that recognition," the Whadjuk Noongar woman tells the BBC.

Many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have spoken of complicated emotions after the Queen's death.

The oldest continuing cultures on Earth, they suffered greatly from colonialism. The arrival of Captain James Cook in 1770 set off events that dispossessed Indigenous Australians of their land. Massacres, profound cultural disruption, and intergenerational trauma followed.

When Queen Elizabeth II first visited Australia in 1954, First Nations people were not counted as part of the population, and children were still being forcibly removed from their families to be assimilated into white households. In some parts of her tour, Aboriginal Australians were actively hidden from view.

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